Ceiling milling machine ACF80

Ceiling milling machine ACF80

Unique ceiling milling machine that can be used to work on smaller ceiling surfaces in an extremely ergonomic way. The fact that the user only has to slide the milling head on the guide rail means that long working intervals are possible, which ultimately leads to enormous relief for the user.

Substrates of all kinds can be processed with our tried-and-tested 80 mm milling tools. In conjunction with a suitable suction system, virtually dust-free working is possible.

In principle, the ACF80 ceiling milling machine can be mounted on many different support systems such as scaffolding, work platforms, lifting platforms, etc.

The ACF80 offers a complete, ready-to-use system including a mobile scaffold tower, which is available either as a small, very flexible, foldable room scaffold up to working heights of 3.50 m or as a double-width version with a working height of 4.50 m.

Equipped with the latest generation of brushless motors, this drive impresses with maximum performance and a long service life. Stable speed behaviour under overload is one of the outstanding features of these machines, making them a very special kind of powerhouse!

As with all Astillo machines, a large number of different standard and special tools are available. Only these enable an unrivalled variety of performance and virtually fatigue-free operation over long periods of time!

  • Milling width:                      80 mm
  • Milling depth:                      0-12 mm
  • Brushless motor:                 1.400 W
  • Suction connection:            Ø 50 mm
  • Revolutions:                        10.000 rpm
  • Rail length:                          2,20 m
  • Working height:                  2,25-3,50 m – as double-width version 4,50 m
  • Power supply:                      230V / 50Hz
  • Weight:                                75 kg (without: machine/scaffolding/working platform)