Joint milling machine A20

Joint milling machine A20

The A20 joint milling machine, specially developed for joint processing, is exceptionally powerful and lightweight.

Remaining contaminant residues in deeper joints (e.g. in masonry) that were not reached during wall milling can be easily removed afterwards with the joint milling machine.

The milling machine has an adjustable working depth of 0 to 19 mm and a working width of 5 to 30 mm, depending on the tool. A Ø 50 mm suction nozzle enables low-emission processing.

Handy and robust, it is suitable for all types of coatings and joints (concrete, plaster, stone, bitumen, etc.).

Equipped with the latest generation of brushless motors, this drive impresses with maximum performance and a long service life. Stable speed behaviour under overload is one of the outstanding features of these machines, making them a very special kind of power pack!

As with all Astillo machines, there are various standard and special tools available – only these enable a wide range of applications.

  • Working width:                   5-30 mm
  • Working depth:                   0-19 mm
  • Brushless motor:                 1.400 W
  • Suction connection:            Ø 50 mm
  • Revolutions:                        10.000 rpm
  • Power supply:                      230 V / 50 Hz
  • Weight:                               3,4 kg