Floor milling machine A26

Floor milling machine A26

Very light and handy high-performance floor milling machine for small and medium-sized areas.

The relatively low weight allows the user to transport the milling machine quickly (the nine 2 kg weights are removable) at any time, even on stairs.

With the right tools, even thick and sticky bitumen or hard silicate coatings can be milled off, all emission-free of course!

Equipped with the latest generation of brushless motors, this drive impresses with maximum performance and a long service life. Stable speed behaviour under overload is one of the outstanding features of this machine, making it a very special kind of power pack!

In addition to the enormous power, the optimum dust collection is one of the great strengths of this machine. This makes it the absolute first choice for work that needs to be carried out with low dust or emissions, such as the decontamination of floor surfaces containing harmful substances (asbestos, PCB, PAH, lead, etc.).

As with all Astillo machines, there is a wide range of different standard and special tools – only those allow a broad spectrum of applications.

  • Working width:                     160 mm
  • Working depth:                    0-12 mm
  • Brushless motor:                  2.600 W
  • Suction connection:             Ø 75 mm
  • Revolutions:                         5.500 rpm
  • Power supply:                      230 V / 50Hz
  • Weight:                                50 kg