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EasyBag® Quattro :


The EasyBag® Filtration and bagging group system with integrated, pneumatically cleanable H13/H14 filter.

Permitted if the appropriate bags, Big Bags, barrels etc. are used … dust-free container change!


Enables the easy suction and filling of large quantities of dust over a long period of time without loss of suction power and extends the life of the HEPA filter in the vacuum cleaner many times over.


Enormous cost savings through central suction up to a length of 100m (with a suitable vacuum cleaner), no tedious filling, transport, discharge etc. of bags ... in the contaminated work area.


Filter: HEPA H13/H14

  • Filter : 4 filter cartridges

  • Filter class : H13/H14

  • Filter area : 12m²

  • Filter monitoring incl. alarm

  • Pneumatic filter cleaning : manual or automatic

  • Compressed air requirement : min. 10l/min

  • Air pressure : max. 4,5 bar

  • Hose connections : Ø 75 mm

  • Working temperature : -15 to + 50°C

  • Negative pressure : max. 450 mbar

  • Protection class : IP 54

  • Power supply : 230V / 3A / 50Hz

  • Weight : 80 kg + 85 kg lift truck



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