Pre-separator MiniBag

Pre-separator MiniBag

The MiniBag is a very efficient pre-separator with a separation efficiency of 90 % and more, which relieves the vacuum cleaner in case of large dust quantities! It can be operated with all conventional industrial vacuum cleaners.

Its lifting mechanism facilitates transport. With the help of a gas pressure spring, it can be lowered to a total height of 116 cm during transport. This lifting function also makes it possible, if necessary, to replace the standard longopac® with normal larger bags to reduce the handling time for the many small longopac®-bags”!

With only 35 kg yoyal weight, the MiniBag can be easily transported on construction sites even by a single person.

The MiniBag also stands out for its extremely low maintenance costs!

  • Function:                            pre-separator
  • Size:                                    660 x 710 x 1430 mm
  • Transport size:                    660 x 710 x 1160 mm
  • Weight:                               35 kg