Standard tools A125

Cup wheel ASM125-P3

Cup wheel A125-P3

PCD tool with extraordinary performance for 80% of applications.

It is the number 1 on various surfaces such as plaster, fillers, adhesives, paint etc.

The working temperature does not exceed 50°C, so it is also the best choice for materials with a low melting point (bitumen etc.) or where there is a risk of outgassing (PAH/PCB applications etc.).

Caution on very hard surfaces!

Cup wheel ASM125-D3

Cup wheel A125-D3

Grinding disc with diamond segments for processing medium-hard concrete. Slightly more aggressive than the predecessor tool A125-HF1.

Cup wheel A125-D BLUE

Cup wheel A125-D BLUE

All-round diamond grinding disc for processing concrete. The metal-bonded segments allows a very wide range of applications for medium-hard concrete surfaces. The bond enables rapid work and longer service lives.