Set standard tools A80 PRO

Outil de fraisage A80-HELIX

Milling drum A80-HELIX PRO

Diamond milling cutter for pro-cessing concrete. For soft and medium-hard concrete surfaces.

Outil de fraisage A80-HELIX/C60

Milling drum A80-HELIX C60 PRO

Diamond milling cutter for con-crete processing. Especially designed for hard and very hard concrete surfaces and for high-performance concrete.

Milling drum A80 P4 PRO

Milling drum A80-P4 PRO

PCD tool, exceptional performance for 80% of applications. Our No. 1 tool for plasters, fillers, adhesives, paint, etc. on a diverse range of surfaces. Operating temperature does not exceed 50°C, making the tool the best choice where the melting point is low (bitumen, etc.) or where there is a risk of out-gassing (PAH/PCB applications, etc.).

Be careful with extremely hard surfaces!

Outil de fraisage A80-M400A

Milling drum A80-M4 E PRO

Special diamond milling cutter with high abrasive removal capacity. Ideal for removing various hard paints or coatings from very hard surfaces such as concrete or steel.

Outil de fraisage A80-P600

Milling drum A80-P6 PRO

PCD milling cutter with unique performance – very aggressive, for hard and impact resistant coatings.